• BEDLAM: THE SERIES (Entire First Mini Season)

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    The first mini season includes three episodes.

    BEDLAM: THE SERIES twists Shakespearean characters and plots we know and love - King Lear, The Merry Wives of Windsor, The Merchant of Venice - into a new story of love, deceit, betrayal and revenge. More The Sopranos than doublet and hose, in BED...

  • Ep1: "How Like You Windsor Wives Now?"

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    Episode 1 of BEDLAM: THE SERIES.
    Small time crime boss Linda “King” Lear is sick. Her attempt to retire early is a debacle that devolves into a bloody family fight for control of Windsor City. Falstaff, desperate for cash after being turned down for a loan from Judge Shallow, schemes to seduce M...

  • Ep2:"Which of You Shall We Say Doth Love Us Most?"

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    Episode 2 of BEDLAM: THE SERIES.
    Lear splits up the business among her three children, expecting them to take turns caring for her during chemo. France and Slender vie for the hand of Cordeel, Linda’s youngest child. Frank is banished.

  • Ep3: "The Best of Our Time"

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    Episode 3 of BEDLAM: THE SERIES.
    Linda “King” Lear's two oldest daughters, Goneril and Regan, are out for themselves. George throws a barbecue. Slender’s friends try to set him up with George’s daughter, Anne. Edmund convinces his father that his brother Edgar is planning to kill him and take ...